Welcome to the official home of the Convivial Cornerstone Company of Cogitate Caliber Cognizance & Congenial & Cordial Coteries Corresponding to Courteous Covert Creative Cynosures in Coronary Communities Collaborating with Capricious Collegiate & Career Confidence Calibration Congregations Continuously Compiling Copacetic Civility Captured Consciously & Carefully Catered, Colloquially Called the Circumlocution Corporation (otherwise known as the CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC)!

About Us!

We are a Conglomerate Corporation that specializes in -- as the name of our organization suggests -- bringing together communities and uplifting ideas deemed destined for greatness!

Meet Our Executives!

These are their real photos because we believe in transparency!

Chief Executive Officer Buster Ian Ness (He Goes By "Bus"!)

Chief Financial Officer Minerva Monero (Loves cats and crosswords!)

Chief Technology Officer Samwise Ba (Boy, is he neat!)

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